Virtual CIO and CISO Services

Is IT compliance keeping you up at night? Not ready to pull the trigger on another executive hire, but find managing these and other processes daunting? When your team is spread thin and taking on tasks not in their area of expertise, it impacts your bottom line. Unicom Technologies provides vCIO and vCISO services using experienced professionals who can manage all aspects of the IT security and compliance process.

Security experts that care about protecting your business

Virtual CIO/CISO

Our tenured experts have experience building company-wide IT Governance and security programs tailored to work with your business objectives and improve your security posture.

Chief Information Officer (vCIO) role:

C-level leadership role, works with information technology team, focused on organizations IT infrastructure, responsible for IT strategy to meet organizational goals along with managing IT systems to support company operations.

Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) role:

C-level leadership role, works with information technology and security team, responsible for security strategy and long-term governance and security program development, implementation, and management to secure all company data and systems while aligning policies and practices with company goals and risk tolerance.

While not every business demands the full-time commitment of an in-house senior executive to oversee their security, businesses need access to the same level of security and intelligence that larger organizations have. With Unciom, you can leverage and engage a highly-experienced vCISO or vCIO, not a cybersecurity analyst or IT security manager with limited or no actual information security risk management experience.

Our vCISO and vCIO services are comprehensive and dependent upon your specific needs may include:

  • Process/Procedures/Governance/Risk Assessments
  • Overseeing the Vendor Management process
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Attending board meetings just as a CIO would
  • Representing the organization with regulators & examiners
  • Overseeing the IT governance process
  • Document and maintain compliance and security policies and procedures
  • Manage the remediation process from audit and examiner findings
  • Managing the entire business continuity process
  • IT roadmapping and strategic planning
  • Day-to-day cybersecurity support and counsel
  • Running the IT steering committee

There are many benefits of having a dedicated expert on your team that can help with:

  • Improved audit and examination results
  • Meeting and reporting on critical policies
  • Regular maintenance, testing and auditing of required policies
  • Implementation of technology tools and services
  • IT governance and compliance

When you partner with Unciom for vCISO or vCIO services your technical team can stay focused on the areas they are best at supporting and impacting. You maintain an expert advisor that is a flexible investment with no training and certification costs. Using a vCISO or vCIO is a more efficient and affordable service model for many small and medium sized businesses.

We’re experienced and passionate – ready to hit the ground running and help take your information technology and security programs to the next level.

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