Managed IT Services

The way you do business has changed, which means your IT must adapt and evolve to meet new demands. Our proactive approach to IT provides you with a strategic roadmap to address your business needs – now and into the future.

Managed IT Solutions that meet your modern business demands

Network Monitoring

Help Desk

Monitoring & Patch Management

Backup Management

AntiVirus / AntiMalware Management

Microsoft 365 Management

3rd Party Vendor Management

IT Procurement & Asset Management

Co-managed IT

IT Assessment


Maximize uptime and performance with 24/7 network operations and real-time monitoring. We deliver custom monitoring solutions that deliver intelligent and actionable alerts across all support areas. With our proactive approach, your systems and infrastructure remain up and running with identified issues resolved before you know there even was an issue to be addressed.

You get optimal performance. No down time where your employees are unproductive or disruption to your business and revenue.


Employees need assistance with technology throughout their busy days. With our comprehensive ticketing management and tiered support, technology challenges are routed and assigned to the right technical engineers for quick resolution or escalation. Your support process is documented so precious time isn’t lost and your team isn’t frustrated when they need help.

Faster reaction means faster resolution.


From your operating systems, to your applications and embedded network equipment, we ensure all assets in your environment are updated with the most recently released software patches. This requires ongoing monitoring to reduce security risks, support system uptime, adhere to compliance standards, and leverage your software’s newest features and functionalities.

Your business will run smoothly, and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber criminals will be proactively remediated.


Is your data backed up properly to survive a breach, a small system crash, or a critical failure? You’ll never have to ask those questions with Unicom.

With our data backup management and disaster recovery, your files will be replicated and stored in a way that is easily restored if disaster strikes. You can rest assured that your data is protected, can be recovered, and is accessible for business continuity with limited-impact data loss. (And we’ll show you proof!)


Ensure any infections to your servers, systems, network and wireless devices are detected, analyzed, neutralized, and reported immediately. With our managed preventative approach, you won’t be worried about downtime, not meeting regulatory guidelines, or having to spend thousands of dollars on remediation and restoration of your data due to viruses or malware.

With all systems monitored constantly, your business will be secure and compliant as well as cost-effective. You’ll have peace of mind.

Microsoft 365 management

We are Microsoft 365 experts. With over 70 security options, multiple integration features, and the everyday dependency on cloud-based office technology, you need someone who is well versed and experienced in MS products. Especially if your team is working remote or in a hybrid work environment. From the most common tasks to your complex settings, your Microsoft 365 will be set up correctly to optimize employees needs (keeping them productive regardless of location) while ensuring your organization is secure.

You can rely on us to manage your email, calendars, passwords, domain, data, storage, devices, shared files, security, cloud, and more when it comes to your Microsoft 365 technology.

3rd party vendor management

Tired of trying to manage all of your third-party vendors? From your internet service provider to your custom industry software vendors, you’ll have the go-to expert and consultant you need on your team. We understand your business and have the technical expertise to manage and interface with all your technology-related vendors for your contracts, projects, and any issues.

The results: improved contractual agreements, help negotiating rates and technical packages that fit your business needs, as well as project management.

it procurement & asset management

From request and purchasing to deployment and retirement, we manage your business technology and optimize IT spending. You’ll have an effective IT asset management program including timely distribution to employees, usage patterns, inventory management, and license and subscription management giving you the ability to budget and plan.

Make the right investments in your IT and security to save money and build for the future.

Co-managed IT

Customize your IT services to keep in-house and those to partner on

Managing the complexity of IT networks, system requirements, industry regulations, cloud computing, cybersecurity, VOIP, application updates, software licenses, hardware replacements, help desk, ticketing systems, and more, is a lot to take on for any IT team. We can augment, enhance, and support your existing team to pair up the convenience and comprehensive knowledge of an external IT management service with your own in-house specialists to optimize your needs.

Co-management is an ideal solution when:

  • Your staff is too small or overworked
  • You are taking on new projects
  • There’s a knowledge gap
  • You need to be more strategic
  • You need to off-load daily end user support

Partner with an experienced external IT provider that can support your internal IT team. We are here to create a partnership and do what you ask – not what we think you might need. You’re in control.

it asseSSMent

Not sure where to start with your IT needs? Get an IT assessment.

Our IT Assessment provides a detailed description of your current IT environment compared to IT best practices. Unicom uses a mix of automated and manual tools to assess your IT environment using industry-leading assessment processes. You’ll receive detailed documentation, network diagrams and recommendations that you can take action on. The assessment provides:

  • A report that documents your current network environment and vulnerabilities
  • Identified areas for improvement and best practices
  • Recommendations to increase security and reliability in your IT environment
  • A path forward for ongoing services