Banking IT Services

Banking technology must elevate the digital customer experience at speed and scale while rigorously protecting confidential information and meeting federal regulations. With Unicom’s decades of experience building and supporting secure networks for banks and credit unions, your banking applications, branch offices, and ATM networks will always be available, secure, and in compliance.

Meet your financial institution’s unique technology demands

IT Support and Services

Banking and Credit Union IT Regulations, Audits and Reporting

Banking and Credit Union IT Assessments


Audit and Exam Planning

Risk Management

IT Support and Services

Digital reliability is a must with nearly 40% of Americans managing their bank accounts online. Whether your bank needs long-term IT support services or assistance with completing a strategic IT project, Unicom can assist.

We deliver project management services, comprehensive secure infrastructure, support of critical applications, and protect your data from unauthorized access – all paired with responsive end-user IT support that is experienced in the banking and financial industries.

Banking IT and Credit Union Regulations, Audits and Reporting

Do you need help evaluating and reporting on the strengths and weaknesses of your financial institution’s technology infrastructure, IT policies, procedures, and operations?

Leverage Unicom’s technical and domain expertise to meet increasingly stringent federal requirements; whether that is FDIC, OCC, or other regulatory organizations. We provide you with the secure IT environment needed to conform to various requirements including compliance-based security log management, alerting, remediating and reporting as a service. You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to audits, changing regulations, and reporting your security posture.

Banking IT Assessments

Are you deficient in meeting the financial industry’s regulatory requirements? Does your ransomware self-assessment toolkit (RSAT) show you are not meeting multifactor authentication (MFA) requirements or lack mobile device management? Perhaps you are struggling to know if your data is secure in the cloud and you cannot prove immutable, air-tight backup logs.

Regardless of the challenge, we can help you identify cybersecurity risks and determine your preparedness. Once you understand your risks, we can help you put a plan in place to prioritize, mitigate and remediate those risks.

See assessment options below.


Regulations, examinations, and public confidence; you need to pass them all.

We are well versed in the risk-focused audits used by federal regulators and examiners to assess bank safety and soundness. We ensure you have the proper in-house security procedures, internal controls, and ongoing management in place to meet financial, operational, and compliance requirements mandated by the banking industry.

Audit and Exam Planning

Evidence for your audit: from IT organizational structure, IT policies and procedures, IT standards and documentation, and your organization’s BIA. Examination includes testing of application, operation, and administrative controls and the results of those tests. We can provide you a documentation package that will handle all these requirements and more.

Risk Management

Do you need help with the development and maintenance of your business continuity plan, information security policies, end user agreements, and data breach response plans?

We help you focus on risk management principles that can reduce the risk of a cyber-attack and minimize business disruptions.

Banking Assessment Options

Our assessments provide a detailed description of your current IT, security or compliance environment compared to the related best practices. Unicom uses a mix of automated and manual tools to assess your environments using industry-leading assessment processes. You’ll receive detailed documentation, appropriate diagrams and configurations as well as recommendations that you can take action on.

Determine what assessment is right for your needs.

IT Assessment

  • A report that documents your current network environment and vulnerabilities
  • Identified areas for improvement and best practices
  • Recommendations to increase security and reliability in your IT environment
  • A path forward for ongoing services

Information Security Assessment

  • A hands on deep dive into clients network environment
  • Review of infosec technologies in use and recommendations for those technologies not in use
  • Review of device and software configurations for all devices on the network to validate proper implementation of information security controls
  • A report of findings and risk based road map for correcting implementation deficiencies and improving the clients security posture going forward

IT Governance Assessment

  • Review current governance infrastructure in place against US Department of Labor recommended practices.
  • Produce a gap analysis report and review with client
  • Produce a roadmap for taking client from an informally managed IT governance process to a formal cybersecurity program based on gap analysis results

Not sure what assessment best fits your needs?